Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Recap

Labor Day weekend is here and it always feels like the end of summer. This last day of August is warm and perfect but may very well be the last of this kind of weather for a long time. Cooler temps are forecast for next week, which will definitely make hiking more comfortable. But I don't feel like we packed enough into these short, summer months. I definitely wanted to do more camping.

Almanacs are predicting a bitterly cold and snowy winter. I run from the room, wishing to be blissfully unaware of this, when these reports pop up on the evening news. I'm in denial.

I took this photo yesterday:

And this is a photo of the same spot in December last year:

It's hard to be in denial when winter is only a few short months away. Already the wildflowers I photographed two weeks ago are gone, dried up and dead.

Okay, enough mourning over these sad last days of summer... I better get outside and enjoy what's left!

If you didn't already catch this article on, here's another one of my submissions that was printed in August:

Have a great Labor Day Weekend dog-lovers!