Thursday, August 22, 2013


Charlie knows a lot of words. Even though she looks like a miniature yellow lab, beware: there is border collie in there too! I'm pretty sure her "smart genes" are an attribute of the border collie. Don't get me wrong - labs are smart dogs too... but in a different way than border collies.

Labs are smart in the way that they want to please you. Whereas, in my opinion, border collies are smart in the way that they want you to please them.

Charlie's needs include doing a lot of brain teasers and constant learning. She isn't happy with just the "regular" repertoire of Sit-Stay-Gimme Five... she wants to LEARN. Which is why she knows so many words. (Also, I talk to her a lot - hey, she's my best friend!)

Charlie's All Time Favorite word is, FUN! She knows this word all the way to her core. She'll pick up on this word in just normal conversation and turn to me with her ears up, all expectant.

If we're in the car on our way to a park, I'll turn to her and say "We're going to have some FUNZ!"... and she'll intently look out the window as if she'll be able to see the FUNZ when it appears.

FUN means we're going to go do something... be it going for a drive, going to the park, or going swimming - it doesn't matter. We're GOING somewhere; and it will most likely be FUN.

I hope you have plans to do something FUN with your best fur-friend this weekend!