Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pup Cones

Do you have an ice cream place in your town that serves FREE "Pup Cones?" In the central Wisconsin area, our place is Briq's Soft Serve. Apparently they've been serving free Pup Cones for a long time... and I just found out about it last weekend.

I decided to treat Charlie to her very first taste of ice cream after a long hike near Mosinee. I asked for a small dish of vanilla ice cream for my dog and the helpful girl behind the counter instead showed me the tiniest of tiny cones that they use for "Pup Cones." I said that would be perfect! Then she said they were FREE. I was speechless!

I took Charlie's Pup Cone back to the car where she was patiently waiting and let her have her first lick of vanilla.

She REALLY liked it!

And before I could get any more photos, the cone disappeared into her mouth and was gone! Let's just say this was a BIG HIT and we'll definitely indulge in future Pup Cones.


  1. The dog I had growing up loved vanilla cones from Dairy Queen. There is a frozen custard chain here in Colorado called Good Times and they offer the "Pawbender" which is vanilla custard topped with peanut butter and a small biscuit. It's not free, but my dog loved them and it was a $1.25 well spent.

    1. Ooh that sounds good! And a good value too... I'd definitely buy one for Charlie! What dog doesn't love peanut butter?!