Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday's Are For Charlie

I love this dog. All week long, as I get ready to leave for work in the morning, she follows me around and deliberately places herself between me and the things I need to take with me when I leave. Finally, when I have my lunch packed and my bag on my shoulder, with keys in hand, she leans heavily into my shins and drops her head.

It breaks my heart to leave her each morning and typically causes me to be late for work everyday because I can't stop petting and kissing her. And even though Charlie gets to spend her day with her grandma and grandma's dog, Peanut, she still misses me when I leave.

This bond - between owner and dog - is so damn awesome. That is why Saturday's are for Charlie. She patiently waits for me to finish the work-week and is rewarded with a weekend all for her.

Saturday mornings are for snuggling in bed and waking up slow, sipping coffee in the backyard while throwing a ball or frisbee, then heading off for a hiking adventure to see new things. Afternoon naps follow the day's adventures and after dinner, games of wrestling and tickling finish off the night.

Someday I hope to be self-employed so I can spend all the days with Charlie or maybe just have a job where I can take her to work with me. But until then, we have Saturday. Let the fun begin!