Sunday, January 26, 2014

Boot Upgrade

Even though wind chills were ridiculously cold yesterday, I bundled Charlie up in her jacket and Pawz Boots for a walk around the neighborhood. She was not thrilled with the "bundling up" process but was happy to be out walking again.

Unfortunately the freezing wind was gusting up to 45 mph and way too cold for me so we cut our walk short. I opted to play frisbee in the backyard with Charlie instead since the yard is fairly sheltered from wind.

She was having so much fun but all the racing around and digging in the snowbanks had shredded her Pawz Boots, which I ended up taking off because they weren't doing much good anymore. Within a few minutes she was doing the 3-legged-walk when her feet became too cold.

I tried coaxing her in with some treats, but she was not falling for it; she wanted to be outside. I went inside and waited by the back door to see if she would give in. When she failed to give her usual "bark" to come in, I opened the door and started laughing: she had removed her jacket like a two-year-old having a tantrum and was just sitting there obstinately.

She finally relented and came in. But later on I found her snuggled on her dog bed with her leash again... definitely not happy about being inside.

Because the Pawz Boots are better suited for "light use" during neighborhood walks or quick potty breaks in the backyard, I decided to upgrade and order her a pair of Ruffwear Summit Trex boots which should hopefully arrive next week.

I have a feeling we're going to need them the way this winter is behaving. I know they will take some getting used to, but I think it will be worth the trade-off to be outside more often.