Monday, April 28, 2014

Rusty Chair and Dead Things

I'm so glad Charlie and I enjoyed a long hike and leisurely day at our favorite park/trail/beach on Saturday since it turned out to be the one nice day this weekend; the weather is turning colder and cloudier for the next week.

Charlie sniffed out, located and rolled in so many dead things and scat piles she earned herself a lavender bath on Sunday; I just couldn't stand the smell of her any longer!

I experimented with different settings on my fancy camera and am finally becoming more comfortable with this expensive piece of equipment. I'm so proud of myself!

Also, because we took our leisurely time exploring the woods, I found some neat treasures... including a very rusty chair that almost blended right into the scenery. Seriously, I was chasing Charlie away from a dead fish carcass when I almost tripped over the thing!

Here's a photo/video montage of our Saturday... enjoy!

And the dead raccoon we found at the base of a tree: