Thursday, February 16, 2017


Temperatures for the past couple of days have been seasonal but cold; thankfully warmer weather is on its way! I'm looking forward to some intense hiking and being outside all day when it hits 50 degrees this weekend.

A couple of nights ago, we took a walk with our friends Sara and Ellie and I nearly froze! The temperatures were decent but the wind chill was bitterly cold and I wasn't wearing any layers. My legs were so cold when we got home that my skin kind of burned.

Tonight was less windy, but still cold. I didn't want to stay out too long so I let Charlie off-leash on a deserted part of the River Edge Parkway and told her to go find a stick so we could play fetch.

This is the "stick" she brought me (VIDEO):

After whittling the small tree down to a reasonable size, we played some fetch and then she carried the darn thing all the way home.

She was so proud of her "treasure" that I allowed her to bring it in the house for a few minutes before tossing it into the backyard for her later enjoyment. What a nut.