Friday, May 31, 2013

Best Outdoor Activities Town: WAUSAU!

How cool is this?! Wisconsin Trails online survey results awarded Wausau with the #2 spot for Best Outdoor Activities Town! Since Wausau is the home of Hiking With Heather, I couldn't be happier! And it is so true... outdoor activities are abundant here. I love how they mention the Ice Age Trail... which will be the focus of my upcoming guided trail hikes. Charlie and I are heading up to the Turtle Rock Segment tomorrow!

Check out the other towns on the list here.

Excerpt from list on
2. Best Outdoor Activities Town: Wausau
Name an outdoor activity and it’s highly likely you can do it in Wausau. Skiing on Rib Mountain, kayaking on the Wisconsin River at Whitewater Park and hiking the Ice Age Trail are just the tip of the, ahem, iceberg when it comes to enjoying Wisconsin’s outdoors here.

“Tons of parks, Rib Mountain, snowmobile trails, fishing in Lake Wausau and the Wisconsin River, kayaking championships. And, there are a lot more green areas than other cities.” – Mark Ninnemann, Ringle

“I can paddle a kayak and catch a musky or a walleye in the same place!” – Andrew Plath, Wausau

“From downhill skiing at Granite Peak in the winter to boating and kayaking the Wisconsin River in the summer, there is always something to do. The area also offers great whitetail hunting and fishing opportunities.” – Ryan Plamann, Mauston

Runner-up: Eagle River


  1. I love hiking, and I love the outdoors; from doing activities to just sitting around on outdoor furniture. The only problem is where I live is deep in mosquito territory so I need to use sector mosquito spray in order to keep them away. We also get a bunch of firefies, which are really cool.

    1. Yes, the mosquitoes are terrible in June. Ticks have also been a problem here this month! Best to bring your bug spray in your backpack while hiking for reapplication! Thanks for posting Jayme!

  2. I am an outdoor girl at heart and it is hard to get my family to join in the fun! I am trying to convince them to do something different this summer like go white water rafting! But hiking along like Ice Age trail sounds super amazing!

    1. Margo - thanks for your comment! If you need any tips on where to begin hiking on the Ice Age Trail, please feel free to ask! The Hiking With Heather website is in progress ( so check back soon for trail reports and group hiking meetups! I hope you and your family enjoy getting active this summer.